In this blog we talk you through 18 things  you could be doing that's speeding up  your hair loss. Some of these things are really surprising!


DHT Follicle Sensitivity

Male or female pattern baldness is  caused by a sensitivity to Dihydrotestosterone this is a hormone  that's produced  in the skin liver and testes it occurs  in both men and women  but dht-related hair loss is much more  prevalent in men  two-thirds of men worldwide will develop  male pattern baldness  by the time they are 30.

Dht flows in  the bloodstream  and attaches itself to genetically  susceptible hair follicles  and shrinks them this is a process called miniaturization it gradually  kills the hair follicle  so no hair can grow there the good news  is that the formation of  excess dht can be stopped.

Not Getting Enough Sleep

You need seven to nine hours of sleep  sleep helps your body to repair  and maintain cells including those at  the scalp  and the hair follicles  researchers have found a link between  food additives and hair loss  and it doesn't matter if the additives  or natural or chemical additives like  sulfates  or ammonia.

Food Additives

Interesting facts  did you know that cochineal extract or carmine dye  is a food additive extracted from dried  bugs and is commonly used in fruit  drinks  sweets yogurts and other foods it's  thought to bring about hair loss  as well as a number of allergic  reactions.

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Whey Protein Accelerates Hair Loss

Whey protein exaggerates or accelerates  the hair loss process because there is  evidence it  increased the level of testosterone when  combined with muscle building exercise  high levels of branched chain amino  acids in whey protein isolate  known as bcaa play a significant role in  raising testosterone research has found 

Farjo also mentioned that his son was a  regular gym goer and user of whey  protein  when he began to experience hair loss  but since stopping whey protein his hair  has regrown. This reason was also  supported by a study that was carried  out in 2010.  According to dr Thomy Cormada Ziyoga a  hair transplant surgeon at the private  clinic of Harley street  there has been a surge in men  experiencing accelerated  hair loss due to the use of powdered  protein  and the activity they participate in at  the gym. Dr Cormada ziyoga has also said that 70  of the male patients that come into her  clinic are avid users of  protein shakes.

However she did say that  the protein shakes are  not the root cause of the problem she  goes on to say that it's very important  to distinguish between cause  and effect protein shakes do not cause  hair loss.  But as we've just learned they do  accelerate hair loss for those men who are genetically  predisposed to androgenetic alopecia 


Alcohol stops minerals such as iron  copper  and zinc from being properly absorbed  and these deficiencies can lead to  thinning and  unhealthy hair. Alcohol dehydrates you  which can make your scalp dry  and cause hair to become brittle and  start thinning. Relaxing helps to reduce cortisol and  research shows that too much cortisol in  your body can prematurely  shift hair into the shedding phase rather than the growing phase.

Too Much Shampooing

So I actually think that shampooing can  actually lead to hair loss. If you're shampooing too frequently and  this is for a number of reasons  primarily. If you're shampooing your hair  every day or  every other day it's stripping your hair  of all the natural  oils which are called sebum which  actually helps to moisturize the hair  and the scalp and it helps to maintain a  healthy environment for hair growth. When  you're stripping away sebum  it's actually doing more harm than good  your hair gets brittle and it's likely to get dry so that's the first reason.

Secondly  if you're shampooing every every day or  every other day you really need to be  careful of  what is actually in the ingredients of  the shampoo so I’ve mentioned it in one  of my other videos  but check the ingredients make sure that  there it's a sulfate and paraben free  shampoo.

Avoid roughly drying your hair

One of our really good friends Scott  from home hair he's an expert in hair care  in the video  he mentions that you've got to be really  careful about how you towel dry your hair. If you  roughly towel dry your hair it's  actually breaking the hair follicles. Allow your hair to dry naturally or just  pad your hair gently with the towel  s


Sugar causes damage to your hair in two  main ways:

 1. sugar causes inflammation

when you  consume a lot of sugar it floods the blood  causing insulin and androgens to spike this binds to hair follicles  causing them to move into the shedding  phase. This type of hair loss can happen  if you're eating lots of sugary foods on  a daily basis 

2. Interfering with protein  absorption 

Our hair is actually made up of a rough  protein called keratin  and the protein we eat is really useful  for hair growth as it helps to maintain  and repair cells. Sugar hinders the  absorption of protein  so it's a really good idea to cut back  on sugar  and increase our intake of protein by  eating more  oats yogurts beef chicken and turkey.

Greasy Foods

As well as having lots of bad fats that  cause heart disease, high fat  diets can increase your rate of hair  loss. This study from last year  found that mice when consuming a  western-style diet  experienced inflammation and hair loss.

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Scientists have established how smoking  can lead to hair loss  it does so by impairing how the enzyme  system in the hair follicle operates  this enzyme system is called follicular  protease antiprotease  and it's involved in remodeling tissues  when the hair is undergoing a regrowth  process.  Protease is an enzyme that breaks down  proteins into amino acids  it can also digest connective tissues  and these are found  everywhere in the body. They also have  other functions other than this. An  antiprotease  opposes the actions of protease it  basically means  that smoking starts to break down hair  follicles and when they do the hair  cannot regrow  


There have been a small number of  studies exploring the side effects of  illegal drugs on  animals in one study researchers  injected cocaine  under the skin of rats within 48 hours  patches of hair loss developed around  the injection areas  and later the cells and living tissue  around the area  died this study concluded that cocaine  injected or inhaled is toxic enough  to reduce cell division in hair  follicles and consequently  may cause telogen effluvium.

Hair Bleaching

While bleaching your hair can be really  fashionable it does come with some  side effects when you bleach your hair  the bleaching process not only breaks  down the melanin it also breaks down the  fatty acids on the hair shaft so this  can make your hair really dry and  brittle. You can experience over bleaching or fried hair due to  excessive bleaching the hair cuticle is  also permanently raised by this  bleaching which results in rapid and  continuous loss of moisture from the hair.

Bleached hair is also dry porous and brittle and you can  experience continued problems of split  ends  and hair breakage if you bleach your  hair too often. So to summarize  bleaching does damage the hair so you  should be mindful of this when having a bleached hairstyle. 

Traction Alopecia

Hair can become dry and brittle and break near the scalp  in this condition the hair breaks from  the middle of the strand or a few inches  away from the scalp this kind of damage  is a clear sign of keratin weakening  and breakage due to severe damage to the  hair protein. If you  or someone that you know is experiencing  this type of hair loss and it's a good idea to steer clear of harsh shampoos  bleaches  heat styling products you should also  avoid hairstyles that might be putting  pressure on the hair such as a tight  ponytail or braid this leads to a  condition called  traction alopecia which is gradual hair  loss caused primarily by pulling force  being applied to the hair so an easy way  to slow down hair loss is to stop  these constrictive hairstyles.

Nutrient Deficiencies

The same way that you might build your  physique by eating more protein  on cutting back on sugar and fatty foods  your hair  is exactly the same it needs certain  vitamins and nutrients and protein to  stay thick  healthy and strong. If your diet is  lacking in nutrients such as vitamin B12  proteins and iron then it's likely to  lead to unhealthy and potentially thinning hair  these nutrients are responsible for the  production of carotene which is a  protein that's really important  for hair growth. Your hair is actually  made of a rough protein  called keratin fried and sugary foods increase the production of sebaceous dht  which can speed up hair loss so a  balanced diet  and when you cut back on sugary or fried  foods can do wonders  for your hair. Rather than showing a direct link  between creatine and hair loss  a small scale study has shown a link  between an increased  intake of creatine and higher levels of  dihydrotestosterone  which may accelerate hair loss in guys  who are genetically predisposed  to male pattern balding.



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