This is how to spot hair loss

This is how to spot hair loss

I share the lowdown - on exactly how to spot hair loss, for both men and women.
This is the Hamilton-Norwood Classification System. 
I talk about it in a lot of detail - here - so feel free to check it out after this video.
Receding hairline

Your hairline might start to look uneven, you’ve noticed something different about - you can’t put your finger on it - but it’s uneven. Thinning enough for you to notice, even though other people haven’t noticed.

So with a receding hairline - this is something that happens as we are all ageing. You can have a receding hairline and not lose lots more hair. Male Pattern Baldness is beginning if you’re noticing a receding hairline in combination with thinning at the temples - 

The receding hairline, which an M shape as the two sides recede at a faster rate than the middle of the scalp. Look out for Hair thinning around the temples and the crown .

In particular, if your parents, older relatives have noticeable hair loss - you could be more likely to face genetic hair loss, perhaps not right now, but by the time you reach 50, your hair loss will be noticeable.
The good news is that now that you’re noticing hair loss - you’re in a great position to retain your hair. It’s much easier to keep your hair, than try and regrow it, once it’s gone:
It’s much more expensive. There are side effects.
I’m going to share a number of different solutions right at the end of the video.
The key thing is to fight your hair follicle’s sensitivity to DHT:

Signs of balding in women
Hair loss in women can happen for a variety of reasons:

  • It could be triggered by a stressful event. ... 
  • Hormonal changes 
  • Medications .. 
  • But the most common cause for hair loss in women is ageing and hereditary hair loss.
Signs of baldness in women are classified using the Ludwig system. The Ludwig system highlights two major types of balding:

Thinning on top
You might notice thinning across the entire top of the head and not on the sides.
Widening part
Widening of the part on the top of the head is also a common sign of balding in women. 
Here are some other signs of balding in women to look out for:
Thinning across the whole head 
This is the most common type of balding pattern in women, as opposed to the receding M-shaped hairline in men.
How can we fight hair loss!
There lots of solutions out there.
For men, a prescription drug called Finasteride is a popular choice
I’ve got an entire video on this - I’m putting in here - T
This drug comes with side effects, including. 
  • impotence,
  • loss of interest in sex,
  • trouble having an orgasm,
The side effects may happen to around 5% of men who take Finasteride,
They can continue for some time after you’ve stopped taking Finasteride
To potentially limit the side effects:
 Ask your doctor about the recurrence of side effects on their previous patients
and reducing your dosage.
Do note that women cant take Finasteride - and pregnant women, shouldnt even touch the packaging because it can harm their unborn baby.
Another product that works well against hair loss is Minoxidil - 
This is foam applied directly to the scalp,
Side effects including scalp irritation, redness and itching, and its important to note that hair loss will happen again, often at a faster rate once you stop using it.
DHT blocking hair oils!
I’m going to put a link in here to my video all about hair oils 
Oils including:
Rosemary Oil
Lavender Oil
Ylang Ylang Oil
Primrose Oil
Tea Tree Oil
To avoid a reaction to them, please do a patch test on each oil. Place a little bit, somewhere inconspicuous -  leave it for 24 hours and if you don’t have a reaction, you should be good to go!
Dht blocking shampoos
A few months ago, I listed up all the ingredients you should look for in a good DHT blocking shampoo -
Do also note, that if you’re trying a caffeine shampoo - it will dry out your hair - please read the label on the back of caffeine shampoos.
There are loads of other hair growth treatments out there including:
PRP treatments
Treatments that aren’t legally being sold for human consumption - including RU58841 

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