Three Foods That Cause Hair Loss-It Really Works Vitamins

Three Foods That Cause Hair Loss

 It’s widely accepted that fried foods and refined sugars can lead to a variety of health issues including heart disease, diabetes and obesity but did you know that processed foods could also exacerbate thinning, unhealthy hair and there is a growing acceptance that fatty foods can lead to hair loss in some people.

In today’s blog, we explore the foods that are best avoided if you want to encourage natural hair growth a maintain a thick head of healthy hair.

Fried Food

This is a major NO NO! For healthy beautiful hair, avoid high-fat foods and foods fried in hydrogenated oils. Studies have shown a strong link between monounsaturated and saturated fat and an increased level of testosterone which leads to higher levels of Dihydrotestosterone DHT (a by-product of testosterone which causes the shrinkage of hair follicles and is the cause of Male and Female pattern baldness)

Hydrogenated oils are also thought to affect hair growth by suppressing essential fatty acids needed for healthy and fast hair growth.

So avoid processed, fried foods including chip, burgers and doughnuts

Food Additives

As well as unusual allergic reactions that can occur due to synthetic food additives, studies show that hair loss problems can be triggered by certain food additives. For example, caramel colour may be processed with caustic chemicals, sulphites or ammonia.

Natural additives have also been associated with hair loss conditions. Cochineal extract or carmine dye – a colour additive commonly used in yoghurt, sweets and fruit drinks can also cause hair loss.

Sugar-Free Foods

The diet industry is packed with ‘sugar-free,’diet alternatives such as Diet Cola, however many of these foods and drinks contain the artificial sweetener aspartame.

There are apparently over 92 different health side effects associated with aspartame consumption and there is a growing consensus that aspartame can lead to hair loss.

Dr. Janet Starr Hull counsels victims of aspartame toxicity and highlights that when individuals cut back or quit sodas and fizzy drinks, their symptoms of hair loss stopped or improved.

On her website’s forum section, many of Dr. Hull’s users have reported experiences such as:

Noticing more hair loss than usual when then consuming higher amounts of diet soda than normal as well as improvement or completely reversing hair loss by reducing the intake of diet soda or stopping it completely.

So it's time to cut out that daily diet coke and if like millions of people across the world, you are dealing with thinning, unhealthy hair, try the hair growth vitamins that really work: It Really Works Vitamins. These super-charged vitamins for hair growth are packed 22 of the essential vitamins for hair growth. This extra-strength formulation of hair growth supplements Biotin, Zinc, Vitamin B12 and PABA


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