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Water is life! But how much should I drink daily?

In any given day, it’s vital that we maintain a high level of water intake. Without water, our bodies will simply cease to function to their maximum capacity. Given that we are a fair mirror of our own planet – a majority of our body, just like the planet, is water-based – it’s important that we are replacing that water. Perspiration, urination and just the general excess of being alive means we are always testing the water levels within our bodies.

However, knowing how much water that you should be drinking on a daily basis can go some way to making sure that you are managing your water loss accordingly. Many people believe that around 2 litres of water per day is the perfect volume of water to be taking in. If you put this much into your body, you are replacing all the lost water but also making sure you are benefiting from the massively positive nutrition that exists within each glass of water.

A dry mouth is the last symptom of dehydration and so you make sure you’re drinking water even when you lack the classic signs of being thirsty!

The 2 liter factor that many deem as the norm could need to be upped for larger and more muscular body types. To help determine if you are getting enough water, start with the 2l volume and, at most, add another 0.5-1l per day.

Why Do We Need Water?

Every action that we undertake in any given day is going to be using up the water that our bodies have. The less water we have, the less energy we feel like we have. It’s like a battery for the body – it nourishes our organs and improves our brain function to ensure we can send signals to each part of the body without delay.

We also need to make sure that you are counteracting the weather. Especially in the warmer months, when our bodies are ‘busier’ we can find ourselves needing to take in more water to handle the challenge of the day.

This is a lot of hard work, and usually means putting in the effort on your end to ensure that you are on the right track. During the summer months, get a lot of water into your system. Dehydration means reduced physical and mental performance, which is why making a change to your water consumption should be chief among your concerns.

While many of us can go days without picking up a glass of water, it’s during these periods we tend to be at our worst. The more often you can get used to hitting that 2l volume per day, the more likely you are to stay in a positive mood constantly. Give your body what it needs with regular glasses of water to quell your thirst and to maximize performance levels each and every day.

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