What Causes Hair Loss in Men?-It Really Works Vitamins

What Causes Hair Loss in Men?

Before you can think about the products to make your hair thicker, you need to stop hair loss first.  According to Mayo Clinic, the number of causes for hair loss can be extensive and include:

  • Family History. Sadly, genetics play a part. If your father was someone who dealt with hair loss, then you might suffer the same fate. It can be hard to stop the hands of time or dealing with genetic adjustment, but family history can force you to look at hair loss treatments.
  • Your Health. From suffering through various health conditions to issues such as taking radiation therapy, you can find that hair loss is affected by your health. Your diet, your exercise regime, your nutritional intake and various other factors can all play a critical role in determining your hair thickness.
  • Medication. As is mentioned by Mayo Clinic, medication can have a hair loss as a side-effect. While this would usually be made known prior to taking it, it’s not always the case. You should be sure to look at the medication you are taking, as it may have a key role to play in that hair loss. 

There are various other potential causes, but there is no definitive, set-in-stone cause of hair loss.

Helping Hair to Grow Thicker

Using the right blend of nutrition from hair growth vitamins, from cutting out foods cooked in saturated fats, to eating leafy foods rich in B Vitamins, can make a telling difference.

Altering our nutritional make-up can be enough to make a change to our hair thickness. One of the fastest growing products to enhance the health and thickness of is It Really Works Vitamins  It Really Works combines key ingredients like Selenium, Iodine, Vitamin D, Vitamin B and Para-aminobenzoic Acid. 

Combined together in one easy-to-take supplement, this makes combatting hair loss a bit easier. While by no means an ‘easy’ problem to fix, dealing with hair loss just became a whole lot simpler to handle!   

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