Onion Juice Gone Wrong

📹 When Onion Juice Goes Wrong 🧅


Onion Juice can be really useful in the fight against hair loss and we deep dive about this on this blog.


That said, you should be very careful when using Onion Juice. Here are a few things you need to keep in mind:


Don’t use any of these onion juice recipes if you’re allergic to onions! Do a patch test first! Rub some of the raw onion directly onto your skin, leave it for 24 hours - if you’ve not reacted then you’re good to go!

We recommend doing this once per week -not advised to do  this every single day as your scalp might become quite sensitive, especially as the other ingredients we’re adding to onion juice are really powerful.

Straining the Onion Juice

Straining out the juice is really, really important, do not skip this step and apply the pulp straight to your hair, do not do this! If you’ve got curly hair or afro hair, it will get stuck in your curls and will look like massive flakes of dandruff. Don’t skip the squeezing step!

Watch the Eyes!

Be really careful - Do not Get this in your eyes - would absolutely burn your eyes - so please do be extremely careful - it would just be beyond embarrassing going in to work the next day with sore red pepper eyes This can be really messy - it goes on your face, on your clothes and I don’t wanna get it into my eyes, so what I advise is, get cotton wool pads out and just soak up the juice with the pad and put it directly to your scalp.

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