Which Vitamins reverse grey hair?

Which Vitamins reverse grey hair?

In the blog we answer the question  Which Vitamins Help to Reverse or prevent Grey Hair? 

 A lot of people suit the role of being a silver fox or vixen but you won’t know until you go grey and then if you have gone grey - and you don’t like it - what then? 













The bad news is Hair vitamins cannot restore hair colour.  If your hair has already turned grey, the only way to restore hair colour is to dye it. 

But the good news is - if your hair hasn’t turned grey - you can PREVENT Grey hairs with the right nutrition

Can vitamins play a role in restoring your hair colour? The colour of your hair is determined by pigment cells known as melanocytes.  They are found within hair follicles and they also produce melanin.  

When they create melanin, it is stored within your hair and then used to help create the colour of hair that your genetics inform your body of. 

However, as we age, we see our hair change colour.  A child with bleach-blonde natural hair may soon find that their hair becomes darker and can change into a brunette as they grow older.

This happens as we age, and it does eventually slow down as we continue to grow older. 

Eventually, we are left with grey and/or white hair. Can you stop that, though? 

Sadly, we can never stop our hair going grey in full – it happens to almost everyone. It usually begins to accelerate as we reach a period in our lives where we take on major responsibilities.

For most of us, this would mean around our 30s. By your mid-30s, it’s already taking place.  

Certain vitamins can actually help prevent hair from going grey : Let's find out which ones. By the way, all the ingredients I’m about to mention feature in It Really Works Vitamins, and there's enough to make a noticeable difference to the health of your hair.


Vitamin C and E:

These powerful antioxidants help to to stop free radicals which can cause harm to our body’s by accelerating the aging process by causing damage to our tissues, cells and organs.

It’s good to remember that Vitamin E is a fat soluble vitamin (It's necessary to flush excess quantities of this vitamin from your body if too much is ingested). 



Also, do note that Alcohol eliminates these vitamins from the body and ends up preventing absorption Vitamin c and restoring hair colour.



Folic Acid:

Folic acid is a part of the B complex of vitamins and helps the body to form healthy  red blood cells.  A lack of folic acid can result in gray hair so do make sure you're getting enough!  

Protein (keratin)

You may have heard about keratin treatments for hair straightening and smoothing, but internal keratin can also affect your overall hair health. 

Keratin is a type of protein that’s present in surface cells and your hair is actually made of keratin. When Keratin break down in the hair follicles, this can lead to hair loss and pigmentation changes, among other issues.

Getting enough protein in your diet can allow your body to extract amino acids and turn them into keratin. 


Vitamin B6

Also known as Pyridoxine. this powerful water-soluble vitamin, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center is essential for the healthy growth of hair follicles.  Vitamin B6 encourages 

  •  optimal blood circulation,
  •  promoting cell repair, and
  •  increasing immunity of the body. 
  • Great sources of vitamin B6 include chicken and brown rice.



Inositol is one of the three anti grey-hair B group vitamins, the other two being pantothenic acid and para-aminobenzoic acid (PABA).

Examine.com points out that a liberal intake of inositol of up to 2,000 mg, along with 10 mg of pantothenic acid, and 100 mg of PABA, often changes grey hair back to its normal colour Although, lots more research is needed to support this.

As you can see each of these vitamins all play some role in making sure that you can begin to overcome your greying hair. While you can never stop your hair from going grey, eating and living right will always help to reduce the rate in which your hair greys out. 



Zinc is a mineral that’s responsible for protecting your cells and DNA from invaders, which is why people often tout it as a cold remedy. It also helps your body make protein. Zinc deficiency may affect your hair health. The mineral is widely available in beans, whole grains, red meat, and oysters. 



Although it is important to consume these vitamins through a healthy and balanced diet, we know that sometimes this isn't possible. Luckily our Hair Vitamins contain all you need to maximise hair growth and keep the grey at bay! If you want to give them a try follow this link to shop now. Oh, and we may also have a discount for you... GREY15 for 15% off your order!

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