Your Grooming 101: Starter Kit-It Really Works Vitamins

Your Grooming 101: Starter Kit

Annoying nose hair, scruffy stubble, oily skin? A little bit of grooming goes a long way, especially when you’re travelling or working abroad, so it’s best advised to invest in a starter kit!

Here’s what we’d put inside

Hair Care. Invest in quality hair care products, a good quality natural hair wax (avoid gels that leave a greasy, wet look - SO ten years ago and it was never a good look the first time around) Investing proper money into the best hair shampoo and conditioner – it can make your hair look so much better in the long run.

If like millions of guys across the world you’re experiencing unhealthy, thin hair problems, try It Really Works Vitamins, The Vitamins for Thick, Strong Hair. It Really Works Vitamins, the best vitamins for strong hair are 100% natural, Kosher and Halal vitamins that are packed with the vital nutrients needed to encourage healthy, strong hair.

Shaving Tools. If you want true quality and are good with a blade, get an old-school Turkish razor set or a classic razor set. Otherwise invest in a premium shaving cream, balm and a quality brush.

Scissors. Invest in a small grooming kit that comes with tweezers, nail clippers and facial hair scissors for a bit of accuracy.

Trimmer. Don’t forget to add an all-in-one trimmer that works on beards and moustaches allows you to get all of those nooks and crannies: whether it’s getting rid of nose hair or chopping down that forest on your chest, a trimmer set is vital for grooming.


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