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Exercise and Hair Loss: Everything you should know

Can exercise have an impact on hair loss? Find out by reading this blog post on the topic.

Man flu - fact or fiction?!

Is man flu really a thing? In this blog post, we try to find out whether it is and offer some tips and advice for tho...

Dehydration and hair growth

Can dehydration affect hair condition? In this blog post, we look at the impact that dehydration can have on your hai...

A 60-second guide to growing an awesome moustache

Thinking about growing a moustache? You can find some handy hints and tips on growing an awesome moustache, in this b...

Beginner’s guide to Keto Diet (and how it might affect hair growth)

Interested in the Keto diet and the impact it could have on your hair? Read on to find out more.

Should Guys Dye Their Hair? Pros and Cons

Trying to decide whether or not to dye your hair? In this article, we look at the pros and cons of doing so, to help ...

8 Ways to Naturally Thicken Your Hair

For anyone suffering from thinning hair, it’s easy to feel run down and lacking in self-belief due to it. Thin hair ...

7 Ways to Thicken Your Hair Naturally

  General hair thickening products contain a whole heap of chemicals that can affect the natural growth of your hair...

Which Hair Growth Pills Work?

Hello and welcome to our Hair Vitamins blog! You're in the right place to find out Which Hair Growth Pills Work? Toda...

What Causes Hair Loss In Women?

For any female, the concept of losing your hair can seem like a terrifying problem. While male hair loss is often a ...

Cocaine and Hair Loss - What Are The Facts?

For years, recreational use of cocaine has been increasing in some parts of the world. However, around 1 in 5 adults...

What Vitamins Are Needed For Beard Growth?

If like a lot of guys it might be a huge effort to grow a thick lustrous beard, we're here to help. In today's blog,...
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