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Arguably the Most Famous Moustaches of All Time [Updated 2019]

We take a look at some of the most famous moustaches of all time.

Best Vitamins to Boost Male Fertility [Updated 2019]

We find out which Vitamins are the best for boosting male fertility.

Shaving Doesn’t Start or End With a Razor – Don’t Forget Pre- & Post- Shaving Care [Updated 2019]

We offer our tips on taking care of your face before and after shaving.

How to Look After Your Facial Hair at Home [Updated 2019]

Need help looking after your facial hair? We have some handy tips and hints for you to try out.

Biggest Fitness Food Trends for 2019 [Updated 2019]

Want to know what the biggest fitness food trends are in 2019? Read on to find out.

Gift Ideas For The Motivated Man – From Health to Holidays [Updated 2019]

Looking for the perfect gift for a man? In this post, we provide some great suggestions to give you a helping hand.

Natural Solutions For Hair Loss, Dandruff, & Split Ends [Updated 2019]

We’ve got some useful, natural solutions for hair loss, dandruff, & split ends that you can try out.

The best free exercise apps for busy blokes

Looking for an app to help you to get fitter and healthier? We list our favourite free exercise apps.

Exercise and Hair Loss: Everything you should know

Can exercise have an impact on hair loss? Find out by reading this blog post on the topic.

Man flu - fact or fiction?!

Is man flu really a thing? In this blog post, we try to find out whether it is and offer some tips and advice for tho...

Dehydration and hair growth

Can dehydration affect hair condition? In this blog post, we look at the impact that dehydration can have on your hai...

A 60-second guide to growing an awesome moustache

Thinking about growing a moustache? You can find some handy hints and tips on growing an awesome moustache, in this b...
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