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One of our customers, Pat, of Saudi Arabia, kindly sent us this review:
"Hi, i just want to share with you guys the result after 1 month of taking this supplements. It really works for me. I have thicker and shiny hair now. I have notice that I have less falling hair and my hair is soft and thick and take note thats for only 1 month and im so excited for another 2 months left in this 90 days challenge"
This is what John Steven Millington thought:
"I used It Really Works for a couple weeks and I've seen a vast improvement in the sheer healthiness of my hair...it added an extra natural sheen to the hair that was a clear nutrient lacking in my diet!
 "Definitely something that I will add to my list of essential vitamins, which must be taken on a daily basis.. my skin has also shown signs of improvement - it is a lot smoother and not as oily, especially during summer" Check out the rest of Charlotte's review here
British Beauty Blogger Chelsea Yates found:
"[My hair] seems thicker and healthier looking. My nails also feel much stronger, grow faster & my skin has improved dramatically, looking brighter and clearer!"
British Beauty Blogger Loves and Loathes said  
"Usually I’m prone to hormonal breakouts on my chin and temples but during the 28 day course of vitamins my skin was really well behaved.
My nails, which tend to peel and always break past a certain length, seemed less brittle and I could wear them longer.
Finally my hair felt softer and I noticed less hair left in the bristles of my brush..."
In this unpaid, unbiased review,  said
"My hair looked a lot healthier and nourished after I finished my course of vitamins. I also noticed that my nails were a lot stronger and there was less breakage. This is something I tend to struggle with at this time of year due to the seasonal transition period so I was particularly happy with this..." Check out the rest of her review here
Angela Angeline thought: 
"Whilst I have only been taking these pills for about two weeks now, I have noticed my nail health has improved, looking and feeling stronger. Generally when I apply acrylics to my nails, they remain thin for well over a month due to slow growth. Since taking It Really Works my nails have grown faster, stopped snagging, and even appear somewhat thicker towards the damaged area.
Just this small improvement alone is enough to impress me..."
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