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8 Ways to Naturally Thicken Your Hair

For anyone suffering from thinning hair, it’s easy to feel run down and lacking in self-belief due to it. Thin hair is often very hard to care for, and it can become quite problematic from a self-belief point of view. If you would like to help keep your hair in good condition, you need to work out some of the best ways to thicken up your hair.

Use an egg

While most people will gag the concept, using a protein-rich egg in your hair is going to have a major impact on improving hair thickness. Simple beat 1 or 2 eggs together, and then apply them to your scalp (and with damp hair) – leave this for half an hour, and then wash it out. Voila!

Use olive oil

A fine choice for improving hair thickness is to use olive oil, as its loaded in omega-3 acids which are great for improving hair health – and thickness. Simply heat some oil to body temperature, and then massage it into your hair and scalp before washing it out after 30 minutes using a mild shampoo.

Pack Your Diet With The Right Nutrition

Key vitamins such as Vitamin B12, Vitamin E and Vitamin D will always play a key role in keeping your health strong and thick. 

In a recent review in Forbes, a journalist tried out It Really Works Vitamins, noticing, “After a 90 day trial, I definitely noticed my hair grew faster and looked healthier and stronger”

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Eat more salmon

Going on from the above two options, you can soon find that eating salmon is useful for this issue. Salmon is loaded with protein and with omega-3, as well as iron, so this should really help you to make the changes that you need. It will normally have a lasting impact on your hair as well as your body generally.

Go for a scalp massage

One very useful way to help improve your hair thickness is to go for a scalp massage. A 2016 study found that this could help to improve your hair thickness quite considerably, helping you to better care for your hair simply by enjoying the benefit of a scalp massage.

Get some Minoxidil

One of the most common choices for improving the thickness of your hair is to turn to Minoxidil but do be aware that this treatment isn't without side effects. This very useful solution will help you to use an FDA-approved hair thickener. For women, use a 2% solution. For men, use a 5% solution.

Aloe oil

One of the best natural choices for improving the quality of your hair, and its thickness, is to get some aloe gel from an aloe vera plant. This simply needs to be rubbed into the scalp and washed out after half an hour to help strengthen and thicken your hair.

Get more Vitamin D

One of the most useful changes that you can make is to look at getting more Vitamin D into your system. Vitamin D deficiencies have been found in previous studies to be tied to hair thinning and hair loss. Simply by taking in more vitamin D, you can help to keep your hair in tremendous condition starting from today.


With that in mind, then, you should be a bit more likely to see positive changes to the way that your hair comes in over time. If you are sick of seeing thin and weakening hair, then the ideas above can help you to put an end to that problem quickly and naturally.

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