Block dht with Rosemary Oil

Block dht with Rosemary Oil

Studies however, show that Rosemary Oil  can reverse some of the most common forms of hair loss. 

Rosemary Oil is an essential oil which has excellent antiseptic properties for treating dry and flaky scalp. 

It also improves blood circulation in the scalp which can prevent your hair follicles from being starved of blood supply and dying, which can lead to hair loss. 

This study found Rosemary oil performed as well as minoxidil, a common hair growth treatment, but with less scalp itching as a side effect.
 Rosemary oil helps to: improve both hair thickness and hair growth, as it contains powerful cellular generation properties.
More Research into rosemary oil still needs to be done, so there is no way of being sure if rosemary oil will work for everyone or not. 
However, this natural remedy may be safer and less likely to cause side effects than some hair growth medications.
There are a plethora of reasons as to why People lose their hair:
These include:

  • Genetic hair loss
  • Infections,
  • immune system reactions,
  •  Age related hair loss
  • hormonal shifts, and
  •  inherited hair loss conditions.
At the moment there is no evidence to show that that rosemary can stop hair loss due to :
chemotherapy or other medications or hair loss caused by chronic hair pulling.
Studies do, however, show that the herb can reverse some of the most common forms of hair loss.
Male pattern baldness (MPB) is a form of hair loss that occurs when a by product of testosterone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT) shrinks and miniturises the hair follicles.

Both men and women produce testosterone, but men produce more testosterone than women, 
  • so hair loss in men can occurs:
  • at an earlier age, 
  • more often, 
  • and more agressively.

Rosemary oil may help with male pattern baldness -
Let’s look at the studies!

THIS  2013 study of mice with testosterone-related hair loss found that rosemary oil could regrow their hair. 

This isn’t a conclusive study its authors theorize that rosemary oil might prevent DHT from binding to hormone receptors that enable it to attack the hair follicles.
A 2015 study compared rosemary oil to minoxidil, a popular hair regrowth treatment. People with DHT-related hair loss received either rosemary oil or minoxidil for 6 months.

6 months later, both groups saw significant increases in hair growth.
The group that was treated with rosemary oil had more hair growth than the minoxidil group, but the difference was not statistically significant. 

This result suggests that rosemary oil may promote hair growth but only in the long term. A little bit of research out there shows that rosemary oil might also reverse other forms of hair loss.

Some studies, including a study published in 2017, have found that rosemary oil may kill some fungi and bacteria. So, when hair loss is due to an infection rosemary oil might help.

Research published in 1998 looked at the effect of aromatherapy using rosemary oil on people who have Alopecia areata 44 percent of participants improved with the use of rosemary over 7 months.

Similarly, there has been no analysis of whether rosemary oil is safe to use alongside minoxidil or other hair growth drugs.
Anyone using minoxidil or other hair regrowth treatments, should check with their doctor before using rosemary oil shampoo alongside.

Can Rosemary Oil prevent hair loss?

Nevertheless, if rosemary oil can counteract the effects of DHT, it might be a useful hair loss prevention treatment in families with a history of baldness.
  • If you’re pregnant or breast-feeding should not use rosemary oil unless a doctor advises them otherwise.
  • People should also avoid getting rosemary oil in their eyes or mouths, and should keep it out of reach of children.
  • There is no also evidence that rosemary oil works for childhood hair loss or that it is safe to use on children’s scalps.

How to use rosemary oil for hair loss

Simply add 10-12 drops of rosemary oil to a shampoo, and wash the hair daily or every other day.
You can also add rosemary oil in a carrier oil such as  Coconut Oil or olive oil then applying it to the scalp overnight.. Do note that Rosemary oil can take several months to work, so keep going and be patient!. 

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