Essential hair care tips for men - as proven by science

Essential hair care tips for men - as proven by science

Forget wearing the latest labels and following the most up to date trends, your hair is the crown you never take off: a fact that makes looking after your locks essential. 

We recently shared a rundown of the top ways to look after your facial hair at home, but the hair on your head deserves some tender loving care too. Unbeknown to most people, the hair care routine should extend beyond a simple shampoo and conditioning treatment.

There are a variety of ways you can keep your locks looking glossy, thick and full. In this blog post, we take a closer look at the proven techniques you should make a part of your hair care routine, and the findings that back each method.

1. Make time for massage

Who doesn’t love a massage? This special treatment shouldn’t be restricted to occasional trips to the spa. Bringing massage therapy into your home and concentrating on your scalp has been proven to encourage healthy hair growth. Just four minutes of scalp massage every day for a prolonged period can work wonders for hair thickness as this study concluded:

“Stretching forces result in changes in gene expression in human dermal papilla cells. Standardized scalp massage is a way to transmit mechanical stress to human dermal papilla cells in subcutaneous tissue. Hair thickness was shown to increase with standardized scalp massage.”

Scalp massage provides a stimulating treatment that unlocks numerous benefits. In addition to promoting hair growth, it reduces muscle tension, decreases stress levels, and slows the heart rate for a more zen you. 

Frequent and gentle massage of the scalp is also thought to be a natural remedy for troublesome headaches and chronic migraines. Many migraine sufferers use massage to relieve tension and release the mood boosting, happy hormone serotonin to provide a positive boost for body and mind.

You don’t have to use any distinctive techniques to make massage work for you at home. A simple routine of circular motions across the entire scalp is enough to help you reap the rewards of scalp massage. 

Essential oils, such as peppermint and tea tree, can be used to make your scalp massage extra indulgent. Massaging your hair for a few minutes during shampooing counts too.

2. Keep your hair trim

Paying your barber or hairdresser a regular visit is another way to promote stronger and healthier locks. Whilst it may seem counter-intuitive, trimming your hair regularly really does work. But it’s not the trimming itself that promotes hair growth – that’s one of the biggest hair myths.

The hair follicles on your head have their own cycle, a routine that isn’t influenced by the cutting of the hair at the other end. On average, the hair on your head grows 6 inches per year, regardless of how often you have your hair cut. Shedding happens unsystematically with a random number of hairs being lost at any one time. 

Don’t cancel your appointment with the barber just yet. Trimming has a positive impact on the look and condition of your hair. Having your hair trimmed every one to two months if you have a short to medium length style, or every three to six months for longer styles, limits the breakages that make hair look and feel thinner and shorter.

3. Beware of washing too much

Using shampoo and conditioner is a vital part of everyone’s hair care routine. According to the latest research, however, you may want to rethink how often you shampoo. 

Overuse of shampoo may leave your hair squeaky clean, but it can cause damage - leaving your hair drier and weaker as a result. Using shampoo too often strips away the oil or sebum that is produced by the glands in your scalp and integral to the maintenance of healthy hair.

The overproduction of sebum has a strong correlation with many scalp issues, including dermatitis and dandruff, but its presence provides vital protection to the hair shaft. The protection that this hydrophobic substance delivers ensures the shiny and healthy looking hair everyone wants to have. 

These findings have sparked a ‘no-poo’ craze, a trend that many big name celebrities are embracing to guarantee healthy, soft and shiny hair that backs up their superstar status. Many are even saying goodbye to shampooing altogether. 

Limiting shampooing to no more than once or twice a week is what we’d recommended. Conditioner can be used as often as you’d like, with conditioning products proven to repair hair damage and boost strength.

4. Take the right vitamins

As the saying goes “you are what you eat”. As well as devising a healthy diet that has positive effects on your body, supplementing with the right vitamins is the key to healthier, thicker and fuller hair. As our name suggests, our hair growth vitamins really do work, providing results in weeks for our legion of happy customers. If you don’t get the thicker, fuller hair that our guys boast about within 90 days, we’ll happily provide a refund. 

Our hair growth vitamins provide an essential combination of micronutrients, including biotin, copper, folic acid, iodine, rosehip, selenium, manganese, and zinc. Each of the 22 nutrients It Really Works Vitamins contain has been proven to provide hair loss solutions for those suffering from thinning due to mild mineral or vitamin deficiency.

As well as viewing the results of our vitamins for yourself courtesy of the online reviews left by our customers, you may have seen It Really Works in the news. Our vitamins have been featured in Esquire and Men’s Health. We were also named Best Nutrition Innovation 2019 by Forbes.

5. Head to the fridge

Some of the best hair products contain or are derived from natural ingredients so giving your hair the nourishment it needs needn’t rely on the purchase of the most expensive, scientifically enhanced hair mask product. The answer could be lurking in your refrigerator.

The use of eggs on your hair may sound pretty gruesome, it does however harness a number of follicle strengthening advantages. Eggs are particularly moisture-rich with a simple egg hair mask treatment providing vital protection for dry or thinning locks. 

Both the yolk and the white of the egg can be used to make a great at-home hair mask. The fat in the yolk for instance actively enriches the hair. There’s been very little research into the use of egg yolk for the purposes of hair growth but the a specific fat in the yolk (lecithin) is recommended by many health experts as a route to bringing dry and brittle hair back to its healthy, shiny and thoroughly moisturised best.

Don’t discard the egg white just yet, applying this can unlock many more plus-points. Egg whites contain complete proteins and essential amino acids that are used in the body to protect, boost and replace tissues. The same benefits can be embraced when using egg whites on your hair. With the medulla, cortex and cuticle of the hair shaft made stronger.

Forget fitness food trends, simply eating more protein as part of your diet will boost hair health. Chicken, fish and seafood are all excellent sources of protein. Wholegrains, seeds, nuts and beans should also be incorporated into meals to give your body want it needs to look after your hair and beyond. A high-protein diet may not completely prevent hair loss. It will ensure that lost hairs are replaced much faster to make hair loss less obvious.

 6. Avoid certain hairstyles

The man bun or top knot is one men’s hair trend that just won’t go away. Wearing your long hair in a bun too often however can cause damage over time, especially if it’s too tight. Whilst contrary to popular belief, man buns don’t promote baldness, skin tight buns will cause breakages. 

As we’ve learned, breakages aren’t great for the condition of your hair. Hair is made thinner, weaker, and more fragile with every broken strand. Avoid the man bun, or opt for a looser style top knot to protect your hair. The same damage can be caused by brushing your hair too vigorously or wrapping your wet hair in a towel after washing.

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